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What our people are saying

  • Redstone has a talented network of people. Someone always has a solution to every problem and we learn from each other and our experiences with all clients and events. Tangible efforts are made to enhance our client organizations and everyone's personal and professional experiences each day.

    Ryan Jones

    Account Manager

  • The fact that Redstone is a female & millennial-owned company is truly inspiring! My colleagues are supportive, energetic, hard working, and dependable; It's also exciting to work with a diverse range of clients from various industries. It brings about new opportunities and challenges every day, and the passion that each of my client's have for their industry is inspiring.

    Maggie Large

    Senior Manager of Client Marketing

  • The level of appreciation I feel from the team and clients for the hard work and dedication that we put into our events make it a comfortable and enjoyable workplace. I get to work with people that I truly consider my friends. Sometimes the days are long, but with the support and comradery of the team, it feels achievable!

    Samantha Rosen

    Senior Event Manager

  • The professionalism and culture will always be the two most important things I look in a company, and Redstone check both boxes proudly! I look forward to talking to people and assisting my team and clients with their requests. I also look forward to learning something new, getting to know new people and helping making their days better.

    Olivia Godas

    Senior Account Coordinator

  • When I first started out at Redstone, I immediately felt welcomed throughout the office (even in a virtual setting!). I truly feel supported in reaching my goals and after having professional development opportunities, I can say I've become much more skilled in my role since starting. The relationships I have developed both personally and professionally have really allowed Redstone to stand out. Redstone is an amazing place to work with EPIC people!

    Hailey Rodgers

    Business Development & Digital Strategist

  • I have grown so much professionally and personally since I started at Redstone and feel like there's still opportunity for so much more!

    Amy Mosquera

    Account Manager

  • I am surrounded by people that are passionate, innovative, and collaborative and they inspire me daily to push the boundaries of what is possible.

    Rachel Keller

    Director of Events and Development

  • Redstone is a highly flexible and understanding workplace. We invest in our current team and focus on hiring great talent. No two days are the same and we are a collaborative, supportive, and compassionate team.

    Rachel King

    Managing Director, Accounts Team

  • The Redstone leadership team makes me feel very supported and shows a vested interest in both my personal and professional goals. They check in with me frequently to make sure I am satisfied with the work that I am doing and ask about other areas I am interested in to make sure my role keeps evolving and I keep learning and growing as a professional.

    Jamie White

    Manager, Financial Services

  • The open communication between everyone on the team is something unique that I’ve never experienced before in any past position. The team truly loves working together, and it shows in the work we produce. Beyond the workday, there are so many reasons to love working here. From charitable opportunities, to social events, to networking, to education and growth opportunities, working at Redstone has improved me in both my personal and professional life.

    Meaghan Williams

    Senior Account Coordinator

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