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Marketing & Development Team

  • Being on the Marketing & Development Team is an exciting opportunity to contribute to and make an impact on a growing company’s brand. This multi-faceted department focuses on marketing and development initiatives for Redstone’s marketing strategies, along with client branding, creative, and membership growth campaigns. Our team is comprised of individuals who are creative, curious, and has a pulse on the latest marketing trends and new mediums/platforms. Oh, and we like to have a lot of fun with each other and the work that we do together.

    Carly Silberstein

    Chief Executive Officer

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  • I experience deep joy and purpose in my role as I'm constantly challenged while being recognized for my hard work. Time flies when you're having fun... and I can say the time goes by incredibly fast working at Redstone! Professional development is incredibly important to me and Redstone has made this a top priority for its team members.

    Hailey Rodgers

    Marketing & Business Development Strategist

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